Pre/Post Surgical

Pre/Post Surgical

Nobody ever wants to have to take time off of work or activity, but sometimes patients need surgery. Velocity Sports Medicine works closely with orthopedists and surgeons to create a symbiotic relationship, which allows you to get better faster.

What Is Pre-Surgical Care

Pre-surgical care utilizes many of the services at Velocity. We will use soft tissue therapeutics to improve the mobility and health of the soft tissue surrounding the area decreasing scar tissue and improving regional musculoskeletal health. While we are working to accomplish that we use rehabilitation such as physical therapy to increase strength, improve muscle activation and restore range of motion prior to even having surgery.

This improves surgical outcomes and aids in post-surgical rehabilitation.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

This is exactly what it sounds like. The grind to overcome an injury and get back to who you are and what you do. Except the difference at Velocity is we make it fun with variations to make sure that we are pushing you every visit and that you make it back to 100%.

We will not give up on you when you feel you aren’t back to normal!