Auto Accident Rehab

Auto Accident

You’ve been in an accident and now you’re feeling pain-what is next? Immediately following the impact adrenaline levels are high, and often prevent you from experiencing accident related pain. However, as time goes on and the rush subsides, aches and pains tend to show up. Pain levels commonly continue to increase over the following days and weeks after the accident. As a result, there is often damage to both the muscles, ligaments, and joints of the spine and extremities-even in low velocity impacts (impacts around 5 miles per hour). Whiplash injuries often occur as the body experiences a force that causes the neck or spine to move in a whip-like motion, from extension to flexion. These quick and powerful motions lead to strain/sprain injuries.  The damage can lead to serious and even lifelong pain if not addressed appropriately. Other injuries can happen from blunt force trauma of hitting something or from guarding in an attempt to protect yourself. Dr. Meyers has many years of experience treating car accident related injuries, allowing you to get back to your daily regimen ASAP. Treatment often includes Active Release TechniqueGraston Technique, Kinesiology taping, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Chiropractic Adjustments(manual and low force), Physical Therapy rehabilitation exercises.

Treatment may also include x-rays or MRIs and may even include appropriate referrals to specialists to make sure you get the best and most appropriate care possible.

Common Car Accident Conditions:

  • whiplash
  • headache
  • neck and low back pain
  • muscle strain
  • ligamentous sprains
  • hip or knee pain
  • numbness and tingling
  • concussion symptoms

We work closely with attorneys to provide seamless care from the initial examine, through the treatment course to the final examination. Dr. Meyers has significant experience in disability rating and report writing.