Nutritional Analysis & Blood Work

Nutritional Analysis & Blood Work

How does Velocity Sports Medicine assess you blood and nutrition

Nutrition is a critical, yet often overlooked piece in the puzzle of chronic health problems. Velocity Sports Medicine will help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes needed to shift from illness to wellness. The foods we eat can be at the root of our chronic conditions and they can also be the missing piece of the foundation of our healing.

At Velocity we utilize diet analysis, supplementation and blood work to get the best picture of you from inside an out.

Sports Nutrition

One of the most used services at Velocity is bolstering the diet and intake regiment of an athlete. Again, utilizing blood work and other diagnostic techniques we will cater a program to help an athlete jump to the next level.

Velocity is affiliated with multiple high quality nutrient tested supplement companies to get you quality, clean and healthy supplements free of preservatives and additives that frequently bother people’s stomachs.

These affiliations offer supplements to patients at the best price for the highest quality.