At Velocity Sports Medicine in Westport, our goal is getting you to the top of your game, whether you are an athlete or not. We use cutting edge treatment techniques to decrease pain, enhance function, improve performance, and prevent and treat injuries.

Is your body moving around the best it can? Are you tired of being held back by an issue?
Are you tired of going from doctor to doctor without long term results and treatment that makes sense to you?

Velocity Sports Medicine is your place. We want to accelerate the pace of healing and fly you by the levels that you thought were possible. By combining sports chiropractic advanced soft tissue treatment, sports physical therapy, nutrition and dry needling, we offer a dynamic and highly effective approach to healing and performance.

What we Offer

Active Release Technique (ART)

Active Release Technique is a patented, state of the art soft tissue system/movement based deep tissue massage.

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Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling is an effective therapy for treatment of both chronic and acute myofascial injuries.

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Functional Rehabilitation

We utilize state of the art Physical Therapy techniques to help restore a patient’s motion.

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Sports Chiropractic

Sports chiropractors are highly specialized doctors focusing in the care of musculoskeletal injuries, including prevention.

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Graston Technique

Graston Technique is a form of instrument assisted soft tissue therapy that allows us to detect and treat areas of "scar tissue."

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Nutritional Analysis & Blood Work

At Velocity Sports Medicine, we utilize diet analysis, supplementation and blood work to get the best picture of you from inside and out.

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Orthopedic Sports Massage

Patients of Velocity Sports Medicine have the benefit of having doctor-guided treatment by highly qualified massage therapists.

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Performance & Movement Center

We have the machinery and education to help increase a patient’s capabilities and bring them to the next level.

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Pre/Post Surgical

Velocity Sports Medicine works closely with orthopedists and surgeons to create a symbiotic relationship, which allows you to get better faster.

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Injury Rehabilitation

We create customized injury rehabilitation programs after starting with a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis.

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1st Responder Wellness

Our treatment will be focused on your jobs tasks to make sure you are ready and able to serve without increasing your chance of re-injury.

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Educational Seminars

Using a blend of educational speaking to provide foundational information and a hands-on approach, these seminars are able to cement in knowledge quickly to accelerate you a higher level of living.

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Auto Accident Rehab

Dr. Meyers has many years of experience treating car accident related injuries, allowing you to get back to your daily regimen ASAP.

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Our office participates in most insurance programs. Cash rates are also available.

About Dr. Meyers

Dr. Matthew Meyers is a sports medicine doctor, certified by the International Federation of Sports

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What our patients have to say

Over the last nine weeks I have run 140 miles, which combined with some tweaks to my diet earlier in the year, helped contribute to losing 24 pounds. Thanks for making such a huge difference in my life.

Bob W. 

I can't say enough good things about my experiences with Dr. Matt. His comprehensive knowledge of the human body, musculature, biomechanics and ergonomics is outstanding.

Susan L., D.M.D.

Dr. Matt has been nothing short of incredible, targeting my tightest muscles and also helping me to increase my overall flexibility and symmetry, translating into a more powerful and more efficient golf swing.

Cody P